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 The Forbidden Game: The Catch

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PostSubject: The Forbidden Game: The Catch   The Forbidden Game: The Catch I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 11:54 am

Title: The Catch
Author: me and mabye you!

About me:
So, I have never written a fan fiction, this is my first attempt! It is very difficult for me because I only one year and a half English. I have attempted to use as good English, but also with the Google translator and Word spelling program, it is difficult! So sorry for the many errors! Embarassed I tried to make a good beginning, now you can write on, if you like. Surprised

The story:
Here is the story: It is added after the first book, as Jennifer Julian locked in the cupboard. She believes to be safe, but that's wrong. Julian is back, accompanied by Lurker and Creeper. (In this story they are still alive.) Jenny refuses to go to the shadow world, therefore, Julian left for a while in their world and brings her life upside down. Twisted Evil

The character of:
It's the same characters as in the book, you can also invent some!

Here is the story:

It was Saturday morning, when Jenny Thornton woke up She opened her eyes and looked around the room. No one was there. Nevertheless, it felt like there eyes watched her. Jenny took a deep breath. She was alone, she had to be alone, because Julian was still locked in the closet and he would not come out. She was in safety, and more importantly, everyone she loved was safe!

Jenny got up and went to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. Her father was out working, he always worked on Saturdays and her mother went every Saturday to guide the market. So, she was alone.

Jenny went downstairs, picked up the newspaper and sat on the couch. She put her feet on the coffee table, as she always did when her mother was not home. Suddenly, a movement from the shadows! Jenny looked to the right, but no one was there. You're going crazy, she thought. He is not there, relax. She looked back at the newspaper, but next to her sat Julian. Jenny immediately gave back a little and stared at him. She could not say anything, do not move, do nothing.

"What ... How?" Jenny had many words in her head, but she could not arrange it.

Julian smiled at her and just waited. Lurker Creeper liberated and Julian. And now he was here, here to take Jenny to the shadow world, no matter Whether she was willing. But what could she do? Running away? He would catch her. Call for help? No one would listen, because she was alone at home. Attack him? Meaningless, as even he would be without his magical power much stronger then her ... All she could do is sit.

"They have freed up" There was no question but a statement.

"Surprised?" Julian raised on eyebrow.

"I ..." She had to gain time. Time in order to devise a plan, how she managed to escape. Jenny took a deep breath and put on a poker face, she tried it at least. "I had really hoped that they would leave you forever in the cupboard." Only when she had uttered the words she realized what she had just said. Oh God, what have I done? He wants to kill me. But Julian did not really evil, rather offended.

"Is that the way someone receives you friendly?" When it became clear that she would not antworden he continued: "I was hoping for a little more hospitality." He slid closer to Jenny and put an arm around her.

Jenny wanted to push past him, but dared not. If he would be angry, would not only Jenny, but every one she loves in danger, especially Tom.


So here I am ready for the first time, that was a lot of work! What do you think? Do you like the story? Or not? Please leave feedback. Thank you. Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: The Forbidden Game: The Catch   The Forbidden Game: The Catch I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 1:00 pm

For half a year of English, you're really good!
I love the tension build-up and look forward to reading what you've got in store for us.
Just one little slip up I'd like to point out - antworden should be answer. Just for anyone who might not know German =)

Rule One in this Game.
Don't mess with me.
I'll beat you every time.

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PostSubject: Re: The Forbidden Game: The Catch   The Forbidden Game: The Catch I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 9:56 am

Oh well! answer! Embarrassing mistake .. Embarassed

I continue to work soon, but maybe one of you wants to continue writing? If so, write down simple: "I write the next part!"
(then the others know and wait for a sequel.)

I think it would be great if we all make together a story. Like a role-playing.
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PostSubject: The Forbidden Game - The Catch (next part)   The Forbidden Game: The Catch I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 24, 2010 6:23 am

So, here is the next part of my fanfiction. It begins where the first part left off. I hope you like it! Surprised

...Nevertheless, she could not show him how much fear they had, or he would take advantage of that. "I'm not going to go with you into the shadow world." Jenny waited for his reaction.

Julian remained calm, he still smiled. "Oh, yes you will. Of your free will. Then, when everyone you love will stand against you, even Tom. Then I will be your only friend and you'll leave everything behind you back."

"This will never happen!" She did not understand what he meant, but she knew she had to be careful, Julian makes always problems.

With a quick movement Julian was standing in the middle of her living room, looking at her with his blue eyes, looking hungry. He no longer smiled as he whispered, "Oh yes, it will happen."

Jenny could not say anything more because he was gone. Disappeared into the shadows. Although he was no longer there, she knew that he was watching her. Waiting for her. But she would not voluntarily leave her family and friends ... never.

On the same morning Deidre felt strange. Her room was very dark, but it was 11.00 clock. The sun would have to be already up, but no ray of light came through her curtains. She got up out of bed and went to the window, just as they wanted to pull the curtains aside, she heard a whisper. Dee turned around, but no one was there. Her room was like always: a little messy, but everything was on his place. Creepy thought, Dee and pulled the curtains aside. At that moment she heard a hissing sound and saw shadows on the walls. The shadow fled from the light, but could not see Dee as precisely where they were out, but they were no longer there. All only imagination, thought Dee. But it was as if she observed. Dee took a deep breath and went downstairs for breakfast.

Downstairs her mother waited on her with breakfast. There were croissants, with hot chocolate. Her mother looked a little startled to and Dee knew why. Her hair was not brushed, she was wearing her pajamas and looked very tired. Dee normally get dressed before breakfast, but she was too tired.

"Are you okay, darling?"

Dee took a croissant in her hand and answered "yes, all right."

Bur her mom, still looked worried. "Are you sure? You does not look good, are you sick?" She put her hand on Dee's face.

"No Mum, I. .. I'm just tired." Although she had slept until 11:00 clock, she was still tired. She ate her croissant and went back upstairs to her room.

She was so tired, as if she had not slept for ages. The pulled the curtains on the window and climbed back into bed. Her room was so dark she could hardly see anything. Dee closed her eyes as she again heard a whisper. It sounded as if someone whispered her name.

"Dee ... Dee...”

Dee opened her eyes again and could see the shadows on the walls. This time they not fled, they came closer. Dee could not move. They came closer and whispered her name again.

"Dee ...”

Dee was breathing faster and faster, but they could do nothing. Suddenly everything was dark and cold.

Dee was breathing faster and faster, but they could do nothing. Suddenly everything was dark and cold.

No. .. no, leave me alone .. please ...

"You're tired, then sleep .."

Dee knew that if she would sleep now, she would die.

No ... no, I ... must ... awake .... ... remain

The last thing she coud remember what cold hands grabbed them grabbed by the shoulders. Then everything was black.

As Dee woke up the next morning, she had high fever and shivering. She had slept for more than 24 hours and was still tired! She wanted to get up but was too weak. She could not move, everything was so dark and cold.

I have to get up ... but I'm so tired ... I can not ... I do not want ... I. .. I

Dee's mind was confused and constantly heard that voice ... no, it was not just one, there were many!

Oh God, they are going to kill me and I can not do anything!

On Monday morning, when Jenny got off the school bus, she looked left and right, Julian was not there. She had not seen him all day yesterday, perhaps he did not mean it seriously, Jenny thought hopefully. Or he has changed his mind. No, Julian would not change his mind, that was clear. Nevertheless, they could not see him.

When Jenny walked down the hall, swearing she heard a loud voice. She recognized the voice immediately - it was Tom. Oh no, Julian! She ran quickly into the classroom, but Julian was not there, only Tom. He had pain moved to the face. He held his feet and cursed again. On the ground lay a thick history book. Jenny was able to breathe easier, he has only hurt his foot, that's all she thought. Julian is not here. Jenny went over to Tom and gave him a good morning kiss, he still looked hurt.

"All right honey?"

"All right ..." said Tom, but he was still holding firmly his feet.

The bell rang. Jenny picked up the book on it was to Tom. She sat down in her place in the last row. The seats were decided by the teacher. Tom sat up front next to a red-haired boy and next to a Japanese girl who always knew every answer. Nerd thought Jenny, she really liked Yoko, but she was jealous that she can sit next to Tom and Jenny that it must not. Jenny sat beside normally Dee, but her mother said that she was sick today, so Jenny sat alone today. After the second ring all the students sat in their seats and the teacher came into the classroom.

And now I'm 60 mins history lesson from me, Jenny. Urgh!

Just as the teacher wanted to start with the lessons, there was a knock at the door, a blond-haired boy with beautiful blue eyes came. - Julian. Jenny's heart stopped for a moment, afterwhich her heart beat faster and faster. Julian was here, saw Jenny with a devilish smile and went to the teacher. Are you kidding me? Jenny was first thought and in Julian's eyes she could see a clear mixture of joy and cunning. But he smiled at not only Jenny, with one very big smile, he looked at Tom, who stared at him in surprise. He had no anung of Julian's visit and his decision to stay here in Jenny's world for a while, but now he could add 1 + 1

Julian gave the teacher a paper, she looked at it briefly and then said to the class: "This is Julian, he is new in this class."
She pointed to Dee's place next to Jenny, "This is the only free space, next to Jennifer. She wants to show and explain everything else here."

Julian went through between the pupils, grinned again to Tom and then sat down next to Jenny.

So, I write more later. I hope you liked it! Surprised
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The Forbidden Game: The Catch
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