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 Role play basics

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PostSubject: Role play basics   Role play basics I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 5:41 am

IMPORTANT: WRITING format. This must be in third person, past tense and in novel format: basically how a book is written. Try to keep spelling and punctuation errors to a minimum. If you’re unsure, read what the others have posted and follow their example. Text talk is banned too - Write words out in full. No abbreviations (LOL, OMG, etc) or text/sms style writing (c u l8r) allowed.

DETAILED Posts. Not many people want to read boring posts that nothing happens in, so be creative and be descriptive. You can easily write up at least ONE paragraph (four sentences at minimum). NO one-liners. For those who aren’t that hot with spelling and grammar – use Microsoft Word. Spellcheck works like magic!

DIALOGUE. Don’t abuse the vulgarity. If it seems fit for your character to dish out a string of profanities when he happens to run into a wall, then go for it. Don’t let every second word be an F-bomb, please. It gets old – real quick.

STAY in character. If you're portraying a canon character from a book, movie, or game, then do as that character would do, not what YOU want them to do. For example, if you play Tom you wouldn't start showing obvious affection towards Audrey, just as if you were Bella you wouldn't start hating Edward. So don’t switch personality.

NO Power Playing. This is when you role-play as a character you don't have the right to role-play as, example: if someone reads a post saying their character jumped off a cliff because YOU made them do it. A character is not dead unless the person playing the role says so.

DEATHS. Killing off main characters isn’t in the actual script so if you do not desire to role-play a certain character, then please play it into the game so that your character is temporarily out of commission. Do not kill any lead characters if you get tired of RP – that role will go up for grabs for whoever else wishes to try their hand at it.

M-RATED content. You know what this comprises of. If you would like to get into an adult RP, you must put in the title of your RP thread 18+. If you want this to be between you and one other member, put it in the title eg. 18+ Private RP: member name and member name. This means no one else can post in your thread. And I will reiterate - if you join an adult RP and you're not legal age, you will be caught, and you will be suspended from the forum for a week. If we catch you a second time, you will be banned from RPing on this forum.

CUSTOM Characters, or more commonly known as OC’s. All the characters you wanted to play taken? Want to bring in your original vampire/demon/ghoul to join in the fun? PM people already in the game before you join, so there is no head-scratching and ‘where’d you come from?’ puzzlement when you start posting. When you’ve informed the players involved, please introduce your character to us in the RP Characters thread.

PERSONAL Conflicts. If you have a problem with another player, want to comment on the events unfolding, or if you have any questions you need to ask, go to the RP Discussion thread and do it there. Don't go OOC (out of character) in the RP.

CHARACTER Development. This is inevitable. Whether they discover new abilities, or they are one of the good guys who become corrupt and join the dark forces, or they create a split personality due to the disturbing events they must survive, your character is going to grow and change as the RP goes along. Add these changes in your character's profile in the RP Characters thread. The profiles are there as reference for other players.

AUTO-HITTING is forbidden. Automatically hitting, if you're in combat with someone in a roleplay and that person always attacks you and never allows you to defend, they are seen as auto-hitting. Much like God Modding, this practice is frowned upon, considered rude and will not be tolerated.

- Make the first post in your RP about the plot, and the backstory if one is needed.
- You can nominate referees to help you keep the RP on track, but this is not necessary if you are the GM (Game Master)
- If you're RPing in a certain universe such as Buffy, post a list of the canon characters and make it clear which roles are available, and which are taken by which member, eg.

Roles Taken
Buffy - so and so (GM)
Angel - (reserved)

Roles Available
etc etc

If any RP rules are breached, expect the following:
Code 1 - Red Card:
This will be your first warning, sent in PM form, to inform you of your error.
Code 2 - Blue Flag:
This will be your second warning. If you do not go back and edit your post so that you are within the rules, this will also win you a blue flag.
Code 3 - Purple T:
This will be when a referee/admin/mod approaches you. Consider this your last warning.
Continue to disregard the rules, and action will be taken. You'll be out. End of your story.

Happy RPing!
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Role play basics
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